Bottom 10 Films of 2021

2021 was hoping to be a fresh start for the film industry after the terrible year 2020 was, putting a pause on most non-essential businesses. Many studios were forced to release films that would have otherwise been on the backburner or in stasis, putting priority on more mass-market films. However, we still managed to receive some truly excellent films.

Right now, we have the worst films that were released in 2021 THAT I SAW.

These films are ranked from BEST to WORST and they are only film that have been released in 2021.

10. Godzilla vs Kong

Despite the giant monster movie being on this list, I still do not think this film i the worst in the franchise. It was still miles ahead of the mess that King of Monsters was. The newest addition still has great fight scenes with well-done special effects. The overall look of the film was great, using the techniques that made Pacific Rim one of the most visceral monster movies in history. Unfortunately that is where the compliments stop.

Godzilla Vs Kong was plagued with horrible subplots, tying in the human characters into the story using weak plot devices. In a movie about Godzilla and King Kong, the main characters should always be the titular ones as opposed to Millie Bobby Brown.

9. The Little Things

John Lee Hancock created a very interesting film, reminiscent of Se7en. The performances and the writing are the best parts of the film, but they are surrounded by terrible editing and color grading, making the film feel vomit-inducing.

8. Red dot

This interesting Swedish film was the only foreign film that I watched in 2021. The premise was one of my favorites this year, with a couple that goes out camping in the snowy mountains being hunted by a hidden sniper that can only be spotted via a red laser dot. Unfortunately, that premise only holds up for about one or two scenes. However, those scenes are some of my most memorable scenes of any movie this year.

The rest of this film, though, is filled with confusing plots and a contrived ending that comes out of nowhere. I desperately wanted this film to end another way because the entire second act was so exciting. But the terrible ending bogged down the whole rest of the film, making everything that happened before entirely pointless.

7. Black widow

Marvel’s newest spy thriller was one I also wanted to be excellent. I am a fan of the Black Widow comics, as well as the villain Taskmaster. Unfortunately, they took a big fat dump on all of that.

The best parts of the film are the intimate, heart-felt moments between Black Widow and her sister, as well as their father played by David Harbour. The action is filmed well, but is nothing but defeated waves of grunts. Taskmaster was completely botched as a character. In the comics, he is one of the most deadly characters in Marvel, capable of defeated even Marvel’s version of Superman, Hyperion, using his adaptation “powers” and Tony Stark-like intuition. In the film, she is nothing more than a stronger grunt that is a victim of brain-washing who is redeemed in the end. Everything that made Taskmaster fun and great in the comics is thrown away for the film, especially the costume. Taskmaster in the comics is visually-stunning, wearing a skull mask that is never taken off to hide his identity. In the film, the entire costume is swapped in favor of a hockey mask and a high-tech spy outfit that is dime a dozen.

6. Reminiscence

Here is another film with a great premise that embodies classic sci-fi, similar to Blade Runner. Unfortunately, the premise is where it stops being fun. The plot is largely boring and forgettable with characters that I have no sympathy for. Hugh Jackman’s character is unlikable to the point that he comes off as one of the villains, but not in a charming way in the vein of an anti-hero.

5. cry macho

Clint Eastwood’s newest film could be worse, but it feels as if it is trying too hard to resonated with the mass market, to the point that its themes feel ham-fisted. A lot of the plot is also boring and forgettable until the end when it picks up, but never to the point of redeeming the rest of the film.

4. free guy

I never had high expectations for this film, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by the film’s decent knowledge of video games and video game development. It has its faults in that department, but it succeeds more than similar films. Unfortunately, that department is the only one that pleasantly surprised me. In every other aspect, it met my low expectations as a mindless mess that just picks at low hanging fruit and easy plots.

3. mortal kombat

These last 3 films are the only ones that I actively disliked throughout. The newest adaptation of the fighter video game fails in almost every aspect except for well-done special effects. Name characters are killed off at this supposed start to a franchise, an inserted, movie-exclusive protagonist is the least interesting part of the film with the most boring powers of anyone in the film and the most dull costume and character design. Besides the characters, there is nothing reminiscent of the games and all fights, save for one, are unexciting.

2. without remorse

Not only is this Tom Clancy film almost entirely forgettable, but it fails in differentiating itself from all of the other modern military films out there. To add to all of its failing plots, characters, and action scenes, it becomes a laughable adaptation of the Rainbow Six series, tied in at the end. There is nothing to walk away with after seeing this film. Every aspect of it is abysmal.

1. halloween kills

I want to preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the Halloween franchise, including the 2018 reboot which was an exciting new addition in the series. Unfortunately, this newest film is absolutely atrocious from beginning to end. Literally, the first scene includes Michael Myers sprinting out of a closet wearing a costume that appears as if it’s from a fan-made film.

From then on, the entire film continues to stomp on and make a mockery of the rest of the Halloween series. Every aspect is close to being good, but continues to dive down a pit of mediocrity and disgust. The creators seemed to have forgotten what the character of Michael Myers is even like, as he acts nothing like he did in previous films.

With that in mind, stock on the terrible plot that can be wrapped up as, “What if we’re as bad as Michael Myers?” A very similar line is actually blurted out in the film and the entire story remains laughable through its entire existence. I watched this with my girlfriend and roommate and they said I was visibly angry watching the film.

There are zero redeeming qualities to this film, if you can even call it that.

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