Scream (1996)

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WRITING (Kevin Williamson): The structure and formula of ‘Scream’ is a genius one, clearly written by, not only a horror writer, but a horror fan. Giving us the death of one of the biggest actors in the entire film in the beginning was a brilliant way to set up the stakes. Also, giving us Liev Schreiber in the cast, only to have him be in just some B-Roll was a brilliant way to throw us off track. This whole film is the utilization and parody of the horror movie formula. It gave us two killers instead of one, for example. It’s a love letter to the horror genre and it also gives us a killer story that is excellent on its own. The jokes are wonderful and we get some of the best quotes in all of horror cinema here. Everything at work here is just so clever and perfect in the script. 10/10

PERFORMANCES (Wes Craven): Matthew Lillard is my favorite of this entire cast. Watching it over again, just based on his interactions and mannerisms with Billy, it’s obvious from the start that he’s a killer. All of it is there. And then when he lets go and goes full insanity, he just kills it. “Peer pressure. I’m too sensitive for it” is one of my favorite lines and it’s delivered perfectly by Lillard. Neve Campbell is also excellent in this film, giving us a badass and realistic horror movie victim. Her chemistry with Skeet Ulrich is amazing. And let’s not forget about Courtney Cox and David Arquette doing fantastic in their roles. This whole cast is perfect and the utilization of it is even better somehow. 10/10

CINEMATOGRAPHY (Mark Irwin): There are some really amazing shots in this movie. There are no Roger Deakins-esque shots, but there is some incredible imagery that is very subtle. The camerawork also really helps sell the horror feel without using modern means of horror that are tailored to jump scares. 10/10

EDITING (Patrick Lussier): The editing of this film is excellent. Scenes flow together seamlessly and the editing is even used to add to the comedy or the horror. 10/10

SPECIAL EFFECTS (Mark R. Byers): The effects in this film were incredible. The gun shots, the blood effects (even the differentiation between the real blood and fake blood), and Tatum’s dead body were all amazing and very real. 10/10

ENJOYMENT: I still love this movie a ton. It may even be my favorite horror movie now. I still crack up during some moments and get genuinely spooked. 10/10

MUSICAL SCORE (Marco Beltrami): I never hate anything Beltrami does. He always does an amazing job in his scores, and he definitely does not disappoint here. Even when he has to utilize the ‘Halloween’ score, it flows PERFECTLY. It feels unique and terrifying, giving us an amazing backdrop for this incredible film. 10/10

SOUND (Richard Bryce Goodman): Normally I complain so much about overused sound effects that make things sound cheesy or unoriginal, but the way they’re utilized in this film adds to the comedy. It elevates this film from just being a horror parody to being something cartoonish. The perfect example of this is when Henry Winkler is threatening the students with the scissors. The sounds used in that moment are cheesy metal sheathe sound effects and such, but it adds a cartoonish element to it. 10/10

PRODUCTION DESIGN (Bruce Alan Miller): The complexities of each house set are amazing, because everything has to be taken into consideration when it comes to horror, due to escape options and more. The design of Stu’s house specifically is amazing. The placements of everything was perfect. The costume design, even, was fantastic. You get a lot about who the characters are just by how they’re dressed. This even goes for the Ghost Face Killer costume that tumbles and is loose just like the character’s mannerisms. 10/10

OVERALL: This is peak horror cinema, ironic that it is a parody of said cinema. But everything done here is done out of love for the genre. The actors, the director, the writer, everyone involved has a deep love for the horror genre and it’s all evident. This film is perfect and holds a deep place in my heart.

Rewatch: 100 + 1 =


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