Dolemite is my Name (2019)

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WRITING (Scott Alexander/Larry Karaszewski): This biography solved the terrible problem that faced the script of ‘Vice’. ‘Vice’ had no conflict or resistance for Dick Cheney on his way to power. In this film, Rudy has resistance, he comes across things that get in his way and that cause him trouble. It feels like an actual narrative, despite it being a biopic. The dialogue is all excellently written and it flows very well. The pacing is also great, making the 2 hour movie feel shorter. The story is wonderful and heartwarming. I do feel, though, that there was a wasted moment. I feel that the moment when Rudy finds that picture and gets angry at it doesn’t come up again and could have been used to explore his character further. 8/10

PERFORMANCES (Craig Brewer): Eddie Murphy is the best I’ve ever seen him in this movie. His love for Dolemite is so obvious in his portrayal of the man. The rest of the cast is some of the best black comedy actors and they do an amazing job. Wesley Snipes, who I was even very worried about going into this, is excellent. 10/10

CINEMATOGRAPHY (Eric Steelberg): There’s a lot about the cinematography that is reminiscent of blaxploitation with quick zooms and whip pans. Besides those, there isn’t anything that stands out all too much about the cinematography. It’s like the perfect mix of realism and blaxploitation. 10/10

EDITING (Billy Fox): The montages were the best moments in the editing. It was well-done and seamless. Nothing stood out, but it was utilized creatively enough to be excellent. 10/10

VISUAL EFFECTS (Paul Song): Everything about the visual effects is perfect and seamless, enough so that I cannot even pinpoint moments with VFX, except the moments with the gun shots. 10/10

ENJOYMENT: This movie is fun, funny, and entertaining as hell. I didn’t know anything about Dolemite before going into this and I’m so happy to have watched it and know this legend. 10/10

MUSICAL SCORE (Scott Bomar): The score for this film is a great throwback to blaxploitation, mixed with a great number of music tracks pulled from that era. It creates a perfect immersion in this time period and is catchy as hell. 10/10

SOUND (Willie D. Burton): The mixing of this film is perfect, nothing is out of place and the levels are all great. The sound design is also well-done, but given its subject matter, it could have gone to full blaxploitation levels during those scenes. It’s fine how it is, it could have just gone the extra mile. 7/10

PRODUCTION DESIGN (Clay A. Griffith): The costume design, set design, and prop design are all FANTASTIC. It’s one of the best parts of this film. Dolemite’s costumes are all breathtaking and the hotel they film in is beautifully constructed. Everything about the art direction of this film is incredible. 10/10

OVERALL: ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ is a beautiful recreation of Rudy’s life that is as artful and larger-than-life as his artwork. It’s a creative mix of realism and fantasy that accomplishes showing the amazing, ambitious life of Rudy Ray Moore.


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