IT: Chapter Two (2019)

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WRITING (Gary Dauberman/Stephen King): The script for It: Chapter Two was a much needed improvement over the original It adult part. The story was less laughable and more heart-warming. The dialogue actually felt natural to the world and characters they inhabit. However, this film gave us the worst plague to affect horror movies of this decade: Jump scares. The scares in this film have great buildup that explode into momentary scares that are meant to surprise you. The jump scares with buildup wouldn’t be so bad if there were much less of them. It started to become predictable with how many there were and I got tired of jumping. Some scenes did a fantastic job at providing horrors without the need of jump scares; the fun house, for example. But the vast majority of scares were cheap, loud jump scares, which is bad for a movie where the main purpose is to scare. 6/10

PERFORMANCES (Andy Muschietti): The central cast were all fantastic. Each one of them was able to connect to the past versions of their characters very well. And let’s not forget Bill Skarsgard. His acting as Pennywise is what makes this film as popular as it is. Most of his acting could make the film terrifying without the need for jump scares. I did notice one bad performance that irked me, though. Beverly’s husband did a terrible job being convincing in his dialogue. His delivery, especially put alongside Jessica Chastain, was atrocious. It’s great that he was only in the film for a single scene, otherwise it would be more annoying. 9/10

CINEMATOGRAPHY (Checco Varese): The lighting was great in this film and the camerawork added an extra element to the film to help it be crazy and scary. It wasn’t traditionally stunning, but it was stunning in its own right. But that is not to say that it didn’t have beautiful shots added in. 10/10

EDITING (Jason Ballantine): This is where the film really shined. The editing from scene to scene was brilliant. The transitions from present to past were done so smoothly and in very creative ways. The film starts us off with an insane scene transition into the world of Derry that we know. 10/10

VISUAL EFFECTS (Nicholas Brooks): This VFX-heavy film required insanely creative and realistic VFX and it pulled it off swimmingly. Every bit of VFX in this film looked incredible and real. I fully believed all of it, or would have had I not known about CGI. Many CGI zombies and ghouls and such felt realistic in that they looked like practical dummies. It was that great. 10/10

ENJOYMENT: I enjoyed the core story of this film and almost all of the performances in it. The length didn’t bother me at all, in fact it was paced very well. What did bother me, though, were all of the jump scares. They started to become predictable and cheap. But the film had some very great moments that were creative and creepy. 7/10

MUSICAL SCORE (Benjamin Wallfisch): The score for this film combines terror with child-like wonderment in a beautiful concoction that elevates the score from the first film. It’s beautiful and fits the scenes perfectly, but a lot of the score doesn’t feel new. Some feels like recycled filler that we’ve heard in many other films before. 8/10

SOUND (Bill R. Dean): One thing that makes the jump scares so annoying were the incredibly loud, nondiegetic sound effects that are just there to add an extra shock value. It makes the movie feel cheap, even though it is far from it. Aside from those, though, the film has some neat sound design and plays with channels very well. The mixing was also well-done as nothing felt out of place. However, had most of the sound effects comprised of unnecessary loud “BWONG”s, it would have gotten a higher score. 5/10

PRODUCTION DESIGN (Paul D. Austerberry): Pennywise’s costume will forever be iconic, more-so than Tim Curry’s possibly. The set design also felt like a mix of fun and realistic. The set during the climax of the film, at first, looks a bit cheesy, but it never feels out of place or unnatural. 10/10

OVERALL: “It: Chapter Two” was a great cap to the series that makes this new adaptation miles better than the original TV special. It does have places it needed to improve on, including the inclusion of too many jump scares and the sound accompanying it. However, it stays true to its heart and gives us an excellent story with great characters.


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