Midsommar (2019)

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WRITING (Ari Aster): This movie fucked me up. I am not gonna lie. The story is fucked and disturbing, leaving me uncomfortable the entire way through. However, objectively, the writing is solid. The progression of events from being normal to batshit insane was perfect. It had a much better progression than Ari Aster’s last film, Hereditary. The characters were all complex and had a lot going on, especially the lead, Dani. The creativity also with the foreshadowing as well as the execution were perfect. The only thing I wished they’d done more with was to expand on the book and the disabled child. They get a scene dedicated to them, but there is no payoff in regard to them. 8/10

PERFORMANCES (Ari Aster): The acting all around was phenomenal. Florence Pugh is outstanding in her second film this year. She perfectly encapsulates her character and is entirely believable with her emotions. The rest of the cast works off each other beautifully. 10/10

CINEMATOGRAPHY (Pawel Pogorzelski): The camerawork in this film was insane. Some incredible camera movements were done that absolutely blew my mind. The framing of many shots too was amazing. Some characters were only shown in a mirror for an entire scene. The lighting was also perfect throughout. 10/10

EDITING (Lucian Johnston): The editing was wonderful minus one hiccup. During a scene in the beginning, there is a cut in the middle of one of Dani’s sentences. Cutting where they did messed up the line a bit and the timing between the words. But besides that, the editing was flawless and even utilized beautifully with stunning overlays and dream sequences creatively edited. 9/10

VISUAL EFFECTS (Robin Aristorenas): The VFX in this movie are an outstanding mix of practical and CGI. All of the gore fit perfectly with the tone of the movie. Also, there was a special effect done when characters were tripping where things would warp. That was outstanding and added much more life to the scenes. 10/10

ENJOYMENT: Although this movie did fuck me up, it kept me engaged the whole time, hardly feeling like a 2.5-hour long movie. I actually cared about the relationships and the love life of certain characters. Also, the ending was also satisfying, unlike that of Hereditary. 10/10

MUSICAL SCORE (The Haxan Cloak): Easily the most unsettling aspect of this film. The music adds 99% of the chills and discomfort. A lot of times the music morphs into screams or is meant to replace screams. It’s perfect and works in every way, but leaves me wanting to put my head between my knees. 10/10

SOUND (Ruy García): The sound design was brutal and immersive, truly helping convey the unsettling aspect of the film. The mixing wasn’t perfect. It definitely needed to be tweaked to adjust when a character is facing away from the camera or should be muffled in some kind of way. 7/10

PRODUCTION DESIGN (Henrik Svensson): This was absolutely fantastic. The set design and costume designs were incredibly creative and pleasing to the eye while also being unsettling. The natural aspect of it brings a different side to horror, something we’re not used to. 10/10

OVERALL: ‘Midsommar’ is a messed up film about experiencing another culture and what happens when you disrespect it. I will probably never watch this film again, but I’m happy that I did.


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