Artist Statement


I have never felt a passion for something quite as much as I have felt for films. Ever since I made a film trailer for a fake zombie film in high school, I changed my career path from website design to film-making. From that point on, I loved handling a camera and creating my own story. That is why directing is my pursuit because I have a story and want to see it evolve to the screen for millions to see.

One of my biggest influences is George Lucas and Star Wars. How he was able to create his own universe spoke to me in a way that made me want to emulate that. I had felt the urge, after watching Star Wars when I was a kid, to create stories of my own from individual characters to wide-scale cultures. When it comes to my own personal film-making, however, influences on how I shoot or direct come from the Coen Brothers and Edgar Wright. No Country For Old Men is my favorite film because of the emphasis on action over dialogue, also because of the mystery surrounding the villain, Anton Chigurh, and even the protagonist, Llewelyn Moss. Most of my early films deliver comedy or drama through action rather than dialogue because of this.

My directorial debut comes from a short film made in 2016, called Good Morning! that has zero dialogue. The actress just acts and performs her daily routine. There is power in action when it is done right. Another short film I directed was Gary and Junior Fight a Cannibal and most of the comedy was done through action and camera movements.

The future holds much more for me and for movies in general. Hopefully, those two futures coincide.